A Taste of Greenland

Tradition and renewal

Meat from marine mammals, game, birds and fish has been the main ingredient in Greenlandic food for generations. The high meat content in the diet provided energy and nourishment all year round for a physically demanding existence where the harsh Arctic winter could seriously tax one's reserves of energy.

The Greenlandic culinary culture is also closely tied to the old hunting community's strong social solidarity, where vital necessities depended on the catch being shared. Therefore today food and mealtimes remain a central part of Greenlanders' characteristic hospitality.

As a guest at Greenlandic eateries it is possible to taste traditional Greenlandic food - often as part of the highly regarded Greenlandic buffet. The majority of restaurants also have international menus that use Greenlandic ingredients.

If you would like to try the Greenlandic ingredients yourself, then see the recipes for summer casserole with Greenland halibut as a main course and apple and berry with crisp topping as a dessert - perhaps finished off with a Greenlandic coffee.

Food made from Greenlandic ingredients is always a culinary experience and the ingredients are often organic, since fish, game and marine animals roam free in their natural environment and are not given artificial feed or flavourings.

A Taste of Greenland

'A Taste of Greenland' is an exciting gastronomic round trip in Greenland revealing a country of rich diversity, unique adventure destinations and a wealth of new culinary inspiration.

New Zealand-born chef Chris Coubrough, who owns four gourmet restaurants in the UK is the host of the TV show. Chris is also the former host of 'Coastal Kitchen', a UK produced food TV show.

In the food and travel series 'A Taste of Greenland' Chris brings the viewers along for a journey around Greenland's five very different and unique regions. Each new adventure adds a dimension to the contemporary picture of Greenland. In each show four new dishes based on the delicious and surprisingly diverse Greenlandic produce are presented.

'A Taste of Greenland' is a co-production between Ace & Ace Television production, Visit Greenland and regional partners. Distribution: TVF International.

The first two programs filmed in South and East Greenland respectively are already in global distribution. TV clips and recipes can found on these pages.

In 2011, two more regions will be added to the series namely the Arctic Circle Region (to be filmed in April) and the capital region (to be filmed in August - September)

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