Everest Expedition

Also known as Sagarmatha, meaning "Mother of the Universe", or Chomolungma (also Qomolangma), meaning "The Goddess Mother of the Snow", in the Nepalese and Tibetan languages respectively, Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. The-8,848-m peak, which is part of the high Himalayan range in the Asian continent, forms a part of the natural border between Nepal and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China.

Everest South Expedition (Nepal Side) HATTN01
Trip Duration: 62 days
Climb Duration: 45 days
Day Itinerary Accomodation
01 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel Hotel
02 Kathmandu (briefing) Hotel
03 Kathmandu Hotel
04 Fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding Lodge
05 Phakding to Nanche Lodge
06 Namche (acclimatization day) Lodge
07 Namche to Tyangboche Lodge
08 Tyangboche to Dingboche Lodge
09 Dingboche to Lobuche Lodge
10 Lobuche to Base Camp Lodge
11-55 Climing period Camping
56 Base Camp to Lobuche Camping
57 Lobuche to Tyangboche Lodge
58 Tyangboche to Namche Lodge
59 Namche to Lukla Lodge
60 Fly Lukla to Kathmandu Hotel
61 Kathmandu Hotel
62 Transfer to airport for international departure  

Everest has two main climbing routes, the southeast ridge route from Nepal and the northeast ridge route from Tibet, though there are other less frequently used routes to the top. Of the two routes, the southeast ridge is technically easier and, thus the more commonly-used one by mountaineers aspiring to stand atop the highest point on Earth. It was the same route used by Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary (the first humans to successfully conquer the peak) back in 1953. Today, there are 15 existing routes that lead to the mountain summit. The discovery of the southeast ridge route was, however, dictated more by the then political climate in China rather than by design as the Chinese border was closed to the outside world at the time. Following Tenzing Norgey and Sir Edmund Hillary's conquest of the prized peak, a host of mountaineers were successful in reaching the top of Everest. However, it was Reinhold Messner, the famous Italian mountaineer, who earned the distinction of being the first man to set foot atop the summit of the mountain in a solo bid without using supplementary oxygen or any other support by following the more difficult northwest route via the North Col to the North Face and the Great Couloir on August 20, 1980. He climbed alone for three days from his base camp at 6,500 m to achieve this incredible feat. Ever since then, this route has been recorded in the annals of the Nepalese Himalayan mountaineering history as the eighth route to the summit.

Climbing Everest from both the north and south sides has been gaining immense popularity each passing year. Most attempts on the peak are made during May (Spring) before the onset of Summer. The reason for this is that the average wind speed on the higher reaches of the mountain is relatively slower at this time of the year. While attempts are sometimes made after the monsoon (rainy season) in September and October (Autumn), the additional snow deposited during the monsoon and the less stable weather patterns make climbing the peak relatively more difficult.

Everest North Expedition (Tibet Side) HATTN02
Trip Duration: 60 days
Climb Duration: 39 days
Start/Finish: Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Entry/Exit: Zangmu (Tibet)
Day Itinerary Accomodation
01 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel Hotel
02 Kathmandu (briefing) Hotel
03 Kathmandu Hotel
04 Drive to Zangmu (Tibet border town) Guest House
05 Drive to Nyalam Guest House
06 Acclimatization day at Nyalam Guest House
07 Nyalam to Tingri Guest House
08 Acclimatization at Tingri Guest House
09 Drive to Base Camp (Rongbuk) Camping
10-12 Base Camp Camping
13-14 Base Camp to Advance Base Camp Camping
15-53 Climbing period Camping
54 Return to Advance Base Camp Camping
55 Return to Base Camp Camping
56 Clean up Base Camp Camping
57 Drive Zangmu Guest House
58 Drive back to Kathmandu Hotel
59 Kathmandu Hotel
60 Transfer to airport for international departure  

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