Wellness in and out of the spas

Recharge your batteries at Czech spas and wellness resorts

Ethereal scents from exotic plants, a wealth of natural resources, calming massage, relaxing baths, soothing wraps and all this to the sound of comforting music and the flicker of candles – welcome to the magical world of wellness, a world that blends a deep knowledge of human health with a feeling of relaxation and an escape from stress, fatigue and the problems of our overworked age. Come and take it easy at Czech wellness resorts, where in the wonderful setting of elegant spas, wellness hotels, ostentatious chateaux and rural farms you can leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind and restore your appetite for life.

A new look to traditional elegance

Wellness programmes are based on the centuries-old traditions of Czech spa treatments, which today are some of the best you'll find anywhere. This success is all down to the natural resources available to the spas, professional care, modern rehabilitation methods and the atmosphere pervading the individual spa towns. Recently, modern trends have seeped into the traditional spa procedures, resulting in a wide range of spa wellness programmes.

Treat yourself to the best care around

Wellness procedures at spas normally use the unique curative and restorative effects of naturally occurring resources. In the Czech Republic these are mineral springs, natural gases, mud and peat rich in nutrients and a beneficial climate. As a part of so-called "medical wellness" programmes you first have an appointment with a doctor who recommends how you should be pampered and how best to use the resources that nature has provided to benefit your body. Recharging your batteries is easy enough using various baths, wraps, relaxing massage and other procedures, some of which are beneficial even for those without a diagnosis. Doctors also give advice on the right sort of lifestyle – what to eat and how to exercise to stay in good psychological and physical shape. In addition to these procedures Czech spa resorts also offer a wide range of procedures that not only satisfy fans of more traditional spa care, but also please those who like something new and exotic. Wellness breaks away from spa towns are usually accompanied by lots of relaxation and activities designed to restore balance and vitality. At Czech wellness resorts you can try herb and beer baths, honey and chocolate massage, luxury scrubs using caviar, grape seeds or even real gold, exotic rituals, anti-aging procedures and executive de-stress programmes, which have become particularly popular in recent times.

The Czech Republic – the promised land of wellness

If you plump for a wellness break in the Czech Republic, you can be certain you'll be receiving the best care possible. Czech spa and wellness resorts offer a high standard of care as well as other aspects that make a break an unforgettable experience. Why not try some of the many gastronomic specialities on offer or choose from a wide range of leisure activities, from cycling and hiking to golf and horse riding. Even those of you who prefer a calmer lifestyle will not miss out, nor will those who might prefer a concert, an exhibition or one of the country's many UNESCO sites over a bike ride or a round of golf. Compared to countries with similarly developed spa and wellness industries, the Czech Republic also offers competitive pricing. Great transport links are a given and the tranquil setting of spas, often in wonderful historical towns or amid beautiful natural scenery, is also a big plus. Simply put, wellness in the Czech Republic is a superb choice for anyone looking for quality based on tradition and success. Come and see for yourself!


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