Intangible Heritage

Experience the romance of falconry at Czech castles!

The Czech Republic boasts a total of four national traditions entered on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. In addition to the Slovácko Verbuňk recruit dances, the Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov and the Shrovetide door-to-door processions and masks in the villages of the Hlinecko area, the fourth one is falconry, the ancient art of hunting with the help of birds of prey. See for yourself what it is like when this noble creature perches on your hand and how complicated it is to establish communication with it. You will have many such opportunities on your travels through the Czech Republic.

The history of falconry in the Czech lands dates back hundreds of years. Although its importance has often declined and then increased again, its spirit and romance have been preserved to this day. Often you will see demonstrations of falconry in the courtyards of Bohemian and Moravian castles and chateaux, such as Sychrov, Točník, Český Šternberk, Kost, Dobříš, Ohrada and Křivoklát. In the courtyards of one of these historical treasures you can witness the special bond between these majestic birds and their owners. You will thus gain a fascinating insight into the struggle between falcon and prey in the captivating surroundings of one of the Czech Republic's regal residences.

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