National Parks


Gandoca-Manzanillo is a mixed National Wildlife Refuge (state and private), where the combination of landscapes, beaches, and ocean scenery, plus the local culture, make the site a very attractive place for visitors.

These eco-systems are conserved and sustainably managed with the help of local communities, where habitats of particularly endangered species, like the manatee and sea turtles, are protected.

LOCATION: Located southeast of the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, in Talamanca, Limón.

SERVICES OFFERED: General information, restroom services, potable water, picnic area, paved and gravel access, restaurants, hotels, cabins in surrounding areas, and local guides.


This wildlife area protects one of the most developed coral reefs on the Caribbean coast and one of the most important in Costa Rica. It also protects a unique swamp forest with large areas of pinecone palm trees (yolillo palm) and sangrillos. Scenic white-sand beaches can also be enjoyed.

Visitors can camp, swim, hike, observe flora and fauna behavior, snorkel along the coral reef, and surf.

LOCATION: Located on the Costa Rican Caribbean coastline, the Limón province.

SERVICES OFFERED: General information, potable water, restroom services, swimming and snorkeling areas, showers, hiking paths, picnic and camping areas.


This area produces a high volume of water, which is vital for storing potable water for the surrounding communities.

Neighboring the Chirripó Native Reserve, it is home to the second largest ethnic group in the country: the Cabécar. It forms an integral part of the lands declared by UNESCO as La Amistad Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

LOCATION: Located along the foothills of the Talamanca Mountain range, Limón.

SERVICES OFFERED: General Information, a biology station, potable water, restroom services, housing for students and scientists, discussions (according to schedule), telephone service, and parking.

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