History and tradition

To think about Colombia is to think about the great archaeological, cultural, and artisan wealth that constitutes the perfect mixing of three cultures - Indian, European, and African - that became fused into one over the course of several centuries.

Archaeological parks

Archaeological parks are one of the most impressive riches of Colombia. By getting to know them, it is possible to discover the imprints of the pre-Hispanic societies that inhabited these lands.

Colombian feasts and fairs

Colombia is a country full of traditions, colors, and festiveness.

By nature, Colombians are cheerful. They have celebrations all year round. Join the carnivals in Barranquilla and Pasto, unique fairs you will not find anywhere else, such as the Medellín Flower Fair, the Jeep Parade in Calarcá, or the Wayúu Culture Festival; the religious celebrations during Holy Week and Christmas; folk music festivals, and many, many more.

Colombian handicrafts

Discover the beauty of Colombian handicrafts in any of these categories:

The textile work with which talented Colombians make containers, bags, and hats.
Fine metalwork
Especially gold and silver filigree jewelry.
Native materials
Like tagua, coconuts, Pasto varnish.
Where Colombian fibers are intertwined to make beautiful articles of excellent quality like hammocks, hats, ruanas, and molas; and ceramics, where the large contribution of pre-Columbian societies is reflected.
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