Tourism in the Colombia’s golden Gate

The Carnival of Barranquilla is a celebration Colombia offers to the world: a mestizo festival, enlivened by rhythms by the names of cumbia, porro, mapalé, chandé, puya, fandango, and last, but not least, merecumbé. Some call it a party of sones and danzones. This is a feast that gathers traditions based on the creativity of our people as expressed through dance, music, handcrafts, costumes, and party styles.

The Barranquilla Carnival is singular for its cultural diversity and the fact that the entire city participates. Each and every dance, folk group, and costume play an important role in making this celebration one of the best shows in the world, not only for watching, but for enjoying. Barranquilleros believe that the carnival is their property and their very special way of expressing their beings and feelings.

Also called La Arenosa (the sandy one) and Curramba la Bella (Curramba the beautiful), Barranquilla was founded around 1629. It is the main river and sea port of the country, and its historic center was declared a national monument in 1959. Several waves of immigrants have enriched its traditions and given the city its metropolitan and deeply joyful character.

The Carnival belongs to all and has its own expressions of being and feeling.

The buildings in El Prado neighborhood exhibit a Mediterranean architecture adapted to the Caribbean. Among the cultural compounds are the Teatro Amira de la Rosa and the Estadio Metropolitano.

Barranquilla has several hotels, restaurants, and night clubs where every night a small reenactment of the carnival is performed. UNESCO declared the carnival a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The actual carnival takes place during the four days before Lent, but preparations begin several months before.


Average temperature is 28º C (82.5º F).


Between 4 and 98 meters (12 to 300 ft.) above sea level.


Barranquilla is located at 10º 59’ 31” latitude north and 74º 47’ 42” longitude west.


The Barranquilla Carnival is a festival that brings out traditional cultural expressions such as dance, music and costumes

The Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport is located in the municipality of Soledad, exactly seven kilometers from downtown Barranquilla. The airstrip can take aircraft with large wingspans. It is the international hub for theAires Airline and the secondary hub for Avianca during the high season. Colombia’s Aeronáutica Civil granted the airport open-sky status, which means that any airline in the world can fly in any aircraft with the desired frequency. Strategically located between North and South America, it is a necessary crossroads for air routes connecting both parts of the continent. The airport has a modern passenger terminal that connects to virtually all Colombia and Venezuela at highly competitive prices.

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