We'll begin in the north. In the heart of the Atacama Desert, 100 km from San Pedro de Atacama, you'll find Lejía Lagoon. From here, you can begin a 25-km excursion at an altitude of 4,000 meters that features 11 hours of views of volcanoes, hills and the impressive Miscanti Lagoon. You can also climb the Miscanti Volcano (5,600 m). One of the main trekking circuits in central Chile is La Campana National Park.

A trek through this Biosphere Reserve allows you to enjoy thousands of Chilean palm trees and an eight-hour trail that reaches the peak of Cerro La Campana and offers a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean and the Andes.

Also near Santiago, El Morado Natural Monument is a great place for mountain climbing. Specialized guides can help you ascend to Mirador del Morado (4,320 m), San Francisco (4,320 m, including ice climbing) and El Morado (5,060 m, a highly difficult, mixed-terrain climb).

Another option is to explore Easter Island, where rolling hills offer a view of the sea and you can climb to a volcano crater. Truly unforgettable trekking experiences.

If you're heading to southern Chile, there's Chillán's Las Trancas Valley and the areas surrounding the ski centers and hot springs at Nevados de Chillán, where they offer excursions at different levels of difficulty. In the heart of the Araucanía Andina Region, you'll find Huerquehue National Park, with large lagoons, araucaria forests and views of Lake Caburgua. It's an excellent trekking option, as is the hike to the cone of the Villarrica Volcano.

Further south, the island of Chiloé is home to Chiloé National Park and Tantauco Park, which offer walks through well-preserved native forests of extraordinary beauty.

Without a doubt, the icing on the cake is Patagonia. They say that Torres del Paine National Park offers some of the best trekking in the world, and every year, travelers flock here to spend their summers among its glaciers and lakes. There are a number of trekking circuits, but the best known are the "O" (7-9 days, medium to high difficulty) and renowned "W" (4-5 days, medium difficulty).

The most daring trekkers (the climate is variable and the winds are very strong) will want to tackle the southernmost trekking experience in the world on Navarino Island off Tierra del Fuego.

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