Parks & Reserves

The national park of Ruvubu, in the north-east of Burundi, is the biggest protected ecosystem of the country with more than 50,000 hectares. In the heart of a still wild environment, this unique park is populated with a diversified wildlife, among others buffalos, antelopes, monkeys and hippopotamuses. Experienced guides will lead you for a short walk, a few hours or a whole day excursion throughout the park to visit the savannah and its extraordinary beauty.

Only fifteen minutes away from the center of town, Bujumbura, the capital, do not miss and visit the natural preserve of the Ruzizi. You will be charmed by the richness of the wildlife and the flora. 19 species of mammals live there including the hippopotamus, the most popular mammal of the preserve. The Ruzizi delta hippopotamuses know how to enjoy, not only the water strokes, but also the company of thousands of birds. Three hundred and fifty sedentary and migratory birds live in this oasis. The Ruzizi preserve has the privilege to host the legendary hyphaene, the typical palm tree that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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