Bujumbura, capital of Burundi was created at the north eastern end of Lake Tanganyika. A town full of life lies on two different reliefs:

On one hand, the plain and the center of the town, where one can find the administration offices, the trades, the various services providers, the embassies, the churches and mosques, the port on the lake, the hospitals, the markets, the outskirts north and south of the center of the town.

On the other hand, the hills where one can find the most beautiful residential villas, hotels, restaurants and an unimpeded outlook on the mountains of the Republic of Congo, of the Lake Tanganyika, the center of the town and of the imposing sunsets.

You will not be able to leave Bujumbura without having visited the life museum with its ethnographic collections and the animals, the Rwagasore mausoleum and the monument of unity in the Kiriri district, the Bujumbura markets, the Ruzizi Park and the numerous beautiful sand beaches.

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