Santa Cruz Bolivia

The department (state) of Santa Cruz occupies almost the entire Eastern and South Eastern section of Bolivia and is the largest of the country's nine departments. It borders Brazil to the East and Paraguay to the South and is mostly tropical and sub-tropical containing parts of the Amazon basin and rainforest to the North, desert-dry forest savannahs to the South, and the temperate foothills of the Andes Mountain range to the West. You can truly enjoy any type of climate or topography somewhere in Santa Cruz. Here, agriculture, animal husbandry and ranching are the main industries, as are timber, mining, oil and natural gas. Click here to see the top 100 Things to Do in Santa Cruz.

Tourism has not been promoted as actively here as in Western Andean Bolivia and this is surprising given the amazing array of wonderful attractions, the beautiful balmy climate, and the hospitality of its people who are playfully known as "cambas" (a GuaranĂ­ word that means "friend"). However, tourist infrastructure is rapidly growing and there are many types of hotels and accommodations, such as beautiful tropical hotels for visitors.

The city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is located in the western section of the Department of Santa Cruz, and is its capital city. Situated at the foot of the sierras, where the Andes Mountain Range begins to rise off the tropical forest floor, its location is part of its name.

According to the latest census, which was over 10 years ago, it has over 1.7 million inhabitants and is currently the largest city in Bolivia. However, current estimates put the population of this state at about 2.4 million. This is an amazing fact, especially since I can remember just a few years ago (in 2002) when citizen ONE MILLION was born and a huge deal was made out of the fact that the city had reach one million! This means that the city's population has nearly doubled in just 10 years! This page has a list of interesting and important facts about Santa Cruz and you can read more about the ten major cities of Bolivia here.

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