Madidi & Pampas 5 Day Combo Tour

Madidi & Pampas 5 Day Combo Tour with Mashaquipe - Amazon basin. Visit the fascinating Madidi National park Jungle and the  animal rich pampas on a certified eco tour and see the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest. We have chosen to work with the operator Mashaquipe for these tours as they offer a high quality service and have been awarded the "Green Action" eco tourism certification. This tour consistently gets very good reports from our customers and is our most highly recommended option for the pampas and madidi combo tours.Includes accomodation in private rooms. In the pampas the rooms have private bathrooms and in madidi thebathrooms are shared. English speaking guide for the tour.

DAY 1:

The tour starts at around 0900, when you will be taken to visit a community dedicated to the making of sugar cane honey where you get to taste the delicious sugar cane juice and see the community lifestyle. On the boat ride through the Beni and Tuichi rivers you’ll get to see the incredible views such as the Bala Canyon. On the way to the Mashaquipe lodge we’ll get a fruit juice as welcome. After lunch you will make a walk thru specially designed roads, to watch animals like monkeys, wild pigs, and learn about nature.

DAY 2:

You will wake up at 5am to start a walk in the surroundings of the lodge. A concert of screaming monkeys and a variety of birds that welcome the new day. After breakfast, you will visit the Tacana culture’, where you get to make handcrafts, peel rice in a mortero (tacu) or practice with the traditional bow and arrow.

In the afternoon, after lunch, you have the option to camp in the deep of the forest where we spend. This is a very interesting activity, since it allows you to have a closer encounter with nature, and watch animals like screaming monkeys, a wide variety of birds, etc. At night, if you like, you can take a short walk with possibilities of seeing big armadillos, snakes, tapirs, and hear jaguars and pumas roaring.

DAY 3:

After breakfast you’ll visit the Farallon of the Macaws, place for nesting and feeding of guacamayos and parrots. It is also one of the best places to watch and enjoy the beautiful view of the Amazonian forest. Also you will have the opportunity to build a ‘’callapo’’, raft of the Amazonian tribes, and sail back in it to the lodge, where you’ll have lunch. In the afternoon you will be able to choose among different activities, like visiting an indigenous family, to see their way of life in the middle of the forest, sport fishing of catfish, and, and sailing to watch the sunset.

DAY 4:

This time you get up at 6 to have breakfast, return to Rurrenabaque and from there go to Santa Rosa in a comfortable jeep. On the way to Santa Rosa we get to see sloths, ant eaters, birds, and others. Around noon we get to our camping site ‘’The Monkeys Refuge” where you will have lunch. In the afternoon, after a break, you’ll go sailing on the Yacuma river, where you get to see, enjoy and take pictures of lizards, caymans, birds, capibaras, turtles, etc. Before going back you get to swim with beautiful pink dolphins that live in this heavenly place.

DAY 5:

You get up at 5 am to watch the sunrise and listen to the pampa awakening, a concert of screaming monkeys and different birds. We have breakfast and then go sailing in the Yacuma river, searching for the adequate place to find the impressive anaconda, which we get to see birds, capibaras, caymans, turtles, and other animals.


  • Transportation in jeep and motor boats
  • Guide - english and spanish speaking
  • Cook and meals (veggie options available if pre requested)
  • Accommodation in private cabin lodges (double or triple) with private bathrooms in Pampas, shared bathroom in madidi - mosquito nets, beds,, sheet/cover


  • Entrance Fees to Madidi National Parks - 125bs and Santa Rosa Protected  Park - 150bs  (275 bs total)
  • Travel Insurance - recommended 
  • Extra beverages
  • Breakfast on first day, dinner on last day
  • Sunglasses & Sun cream 
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Others not mentioned

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