4 Days Community & Madidi Tour

In this four day tour from Rurrenabaque you will get to visit the Tacana community of San Miguel del Bala and learn about their culture & traditions plus also visit the world famous Madidi National Park and spend your second nght in an ecolodge there.. You will see first hand the community lifestyle and visit the surrounding rainforest with a knowledgeble local guide. You will learn about traditional hunting techiques, forest medicines, visit a jungle waterfall and can take a jungle hike to a canyon. There will be  a delicious lunch cooked by the skilled local cooks.

You will also see how this community owned lodge benefits from the tourism project buy funding various project with the village.

DAY 1.- In your first day of your tour you will leave from the offices of San Miguel del Bala in Rurrenabaque. Your guide will take you and your bags to the motorized canoe that awaits you in the port of the River. From there you will be taken up the Rio Beni 45 minutes to the lodge, where a refreshing tropical fruit juice will welcome you. 
After settling into your private cabin your guide will take you back in time as he leads you through the rainforest and shows you the ancient trapping methods of the Tacana. Learn how the Tacana outfoxed their prey with unique and interesting traps that helped them catch dinner. Your guide will show you how each trap works, as well as the medicinal plants the hunters would collect as they checked their traps.
After returning to the lodge you can go wash up and sit down to a delicious lunch (vegetarian options included with advance notice), which includes all locally grown ingredients. Go rest in a hammock after lunch and enjoy the tranquillity of the river and sounds of the jungle. 
After you are recharged your guide will take you to visit the community of San Miguel, a Tacana village, and experience how tourism and your money has helped the San Migueleños improve their day-to-day lives. Take a stroll through the village as your guide explains how the community is organized. Visit the school, your guide’s home, learn how to weave, make a thatched roof, and squeeze sugar cane yourself and enjoy a sweet and refreshing drink (best served with some lemon). Your visit to the community of San Miguel will give you a look at how the Tacana villagers live day-to-day as well as let you see the great things your money is doing as a client of the community owned lodge! 
Enjoy your dinner and relax the rest of the evening in your cabin or in the hammock hut. 

DAY 2.- Your day starts with tropical bird songs and a nice breakfast by the river. Once you are done your guide will sit with you and explain the day’s activities.
After breakfast you will take the canoe a bit further upriver to the mouth of a stream that flows into the Rio Beni. From there your guide will lead you along the stream for a short 20-minute hike up to a waterfall that has a natural pool below where you can take a refreshing dip after your hike and relax in the soothing waters. The trek is a bit challenging, so make sure you consult with your guide before setting off if they feel you can handle it. The reward of your hard work is to sit underneath the waterfall and let this natural masseuse soothe your tired muscles.
There are two options of activities for this afternoon before heading further upriver:

1) You can go with your guide and experience San Miguel’s pharmacy, taking a walk into the forest with your guide to explore the wonders of medicinal plant life. Your guide will share his knowledge of the forest and the abundance of plant life that the Tacana have used for years to help with basic ailments such as stomachaches and colds all the way to dealing with anemia and other more serious conditions. Experience what the forest has to offer, and eventry to take some medicine with you for your next run-in with bad street food in La Paz. 

2) You can go to the canyon and experience the cool and damp ecosystem. Explore a canyon 150 meters long with all the wonderful creepy crawly things that dark damp places have to offer. This unique trek can be a short walk through the canyon to explore another world, or you can take a 3-hour trek from San Miguel del Bala along the river, which eventually runs through the canyon as a grand exit to the river. As you exit the canyon a boat will be waiting for you to take you back to Rurrenabaque. 

Return to the lodge, enjoy a nice dinner, turn in for the evening and get ready for your big trip deeper into the jungles of the Madidi National Park. 

DAY 3.- After an early breakfast your bags are put onto the canoe and you begin your journey 1½ hours up the Rio Beni into the Madidi National Park. You then make a right onto the Tuiche River. The Tuiche is a smaller, more intimate river that allows for more animal and bird watching opportunities. Once you arrive at the cabins you put your things down and head out to explore the area or rest and relax until lunch is served.

San Miguel del Bala offers 8 trails that will be your access into the deep forests surrounding the cabins. Each trail varies in length and difficulty, and your guide will let you decide as a group where and what level of trails you would like to take. 
After dinner your guide will take you out on a night trek. Take in the sounds and see how the forest really comes alive and transforms at night. 

DAY 4.- You have a chance to explore the entire morning after eating a great breakfast. Wake up extra early if you want to go see the macaws leaving their nests for a day of hunting in the forest, or leave this activity for when you are about to return to Rurrenabaque. Just communicate your desires to your local guide, and this flexible last day will end with a lunch and a relaxing 3-hour boat ride back to Rurrenabaque. 


  • Transportation in motor boat
  • Guide - Spanish speaking
  • Cook and meals, drinking water
  • Accommodation in lodges - mosquito nets, beds,, sheet/cover


  • Entrance Fees to Madidi Natrional Park - 125bs 
  • Travel Insurance - recommended 
  • Extra beverages
  • Breakfast on first day, dinner on last day
  • Sunglasses & Sun cream 
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Others not mentioned

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