Salt Flats Motorcycle Tour 2 Days

A 2 day Motorcycle tour of the Salt Flats of Uyuni, Bolivia. This is suitable for beginners and an incredible way to see one of the highlights of South America.Minimum group size is 2 and maximum is 5 for this tour.

Riding on this vast white salt desert is a surreal experience and a adventure you will remember for a lifetime. With plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos plus included visits to nearby attractions such as Isla Incahuasi / Fish Island  and its huge cacti.You will need lots of space on your camera.

The riding conditions include hard packed gravel and of course ...  "salt flat". This is basic level riding so is suitable for all experience levels.You will require a drivers licence and travel insurance. There is also a liabilty waiver that must be signed prior to riding.

The following is a typical tour itinary but sometimes some things are omitted from a tour for reasons such as weather conditions or protests,or sometimes the itinary order is changed so this shouldn’t be seen as a completely rigid itinerary, although the most popular main sites are always included when ever possible.If there is something you really want included your group should ask your guide before  the start of the tour so he can plan accordingly.


After setting off from Uyuni we will ride towards the Train Cementery where we will stop to see the old abandoned trains and take some photos. From here we will head towards Cochani where we can learn about the salt processing and have a chance to buy some souvenirs made completely from salt. We then head to the Salt Flats themselves and ride across the great white desert toward Jirira town where we can see Volcano Thunupa towering above us. Here we will make our way up the volcano to see the mommies tomb and the 1300 years+ old mommies and also visit a viewpoint to look back over the amazing scenary.

We will spend the night in a local accomodation called Doña Lupe hotel. This is a basic hotel run by a welcoming local family.


Today we will wake up, have breakfast and set out to ride once again on the Salt flats. We will visit Isla Incahuasi / Fish Island where we can explore and see the giant cacti which sometimes reach over 10 meters tall. There are wonderful views of the salt desert from here and also you can buy lunch in the restaurant "Mongos" located on the island. 

We will return to Uyuni in the afternoon at a convienient time for your group  (times vary depending on the group)

We will arrive at Inca Huasi / Fish Island around midday and have a chance to explore. Here you can also buy your lunch. After lunch we explore the salt flats some more with lots of chance to take photos. We will return to Uyuni at approximately 5.30pm.


  • Motorcycle (Honda 250 c.c. Honda XR400 c.c. Honda Falcon NX 400 c.c. or Suzuki DR650c.c.
  • Basic Equipment - Jacket, helmet, boots and gloves.
  • Fuel and SOAT  insurance  (we also ask for a 100usd security deposit to cover minor damages and insurance excess fees)
  • 1 Guide with good mechanical experience - English Speaking
  • Support vehicle 4x4 when group size is 4 or more people.
  • Evening meal and Breakfast in hotel (basic local food)
  • 1 Nights accomodation in hotel.


  • Meals/ Drinks/ Water  on route - you can buy lunch.
  • Entrance Fees - (Incahuasi island fee 15bs)
  • Travel insurance
  • Sunglasses and Suncream - essential for the strong solar glare from the salt flats.
  • Damage Insurance for bike (See Insurance and Damages below)

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