1 Day Salt Flats Tour Budget

Trips to the Salar de Uyuni are an unforgettable experience but unfortunately the general standard of facilities and services are not very high in this remote area. We would like to make it clear that things are not as reliable, comfortable and professional as we would like on these tours so for this reason we do not promise more than what you will receive for your money. The& food will be basic, the driver acts as a basic guide but he is unlikely to speak any English, or if he does it wont be a good level. Due to the harshness of the terrain vehicle breakdowns are not  uncommon. Still interested?  Good, you should be because if you can put up with a bit of hardship you should have a great time.  It is not essential to have an English speaking guide for this tour as most of it is looking at landscapes and these are pretty self explanatory. Take some extra snacks, plenty of warm clothes and a well charged camera and you should have a great day. The drivers are used to breakdowns and are pretty adept at fixing their vehicles, they are always willing to help each other out and you are usually not stuck for long - so a bit of patience is often all you need. We believe if you are informed truthfully about the possible negative aspects of the tours you can prepare yourself better and will have a more positive experience.

The following is a typical tour but sometimes some things are omitted from a tour, sometimes additional things are included (such as train cemetery visits at the start or end of the trip) so this shouldn’t be seen as a rigid itinerary, although the most popular main sites are always included.. If there is something you really want included your group should stress this to your driver at the start of the tour so he can plan accordingly.


You will leave Uyuni in the morning around 10 am and travel to Colchani to see how the salt is processed. You will be driving over the incredible and surreal Salar de Uyuni – the largest salt desert in the world and witness surreal and awe inspiring scenery. Next the group will visit the “Ojos de Sal” to witness cold water bubbling up from holes in the salt before seeing a hotel made purely from salt. Then you head to Isla Incahuasi (often called Isla Pescado) which is home to giant cacti, provides incredible photographic opportunities and is a great place to stop for lunch. After lunch there is more driving on the Salar and you can take surreal photos before we head back toward Uyuni for a stop at the Train cemetery. Arriving back in Uyuni around 5/6pm


  • Transportation in 4x4 vehicle (usually max 6 persons)
  • Drivers acts as basic guide
  • Meals during the tour (take extra snacks as food can be quite plain)


  • Transport to Uyuni
  • Entrance fees – 15Bs for Incahuasi (also known as isla Pescado / Fish Island)
  • Water - you recommend you purchase 2 liters per person for the day
  • Breakfast and dinner are not inluded
  • Sunglasses & Sun cream 
  • Additional snacks and beverages

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