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At any time of year it is possible to visit Azerbaijan. Nine of the eleven climate zones that exist in our planet allow the country to welcome visitors all year round. But each of the seasons, of course, has its own unique colors and features. Which of them will bring you more pleasure can be found only through personal acquaintance with amazingly beautiful nature, the Caspian coast, ancient history and cultural traditions of Azerbaijan. We hope that the information we provide in this section will help you to choose the time to visit our country.


Recreation and entertainment zones located in Azerbaijan along the Caspian coast, forests and mountains will deliver an unforgettable experience to all those who love the sun, sea and sand, picnics and walks on forest trails, swimming under waterfalls and horseback riding. Many tourist regions of Azerbaijan have also numerous springs with thermal and mineral water, which has high therapeutic indices.

One of the main features of the summer season is abundance of vegetables and fruit in Azerbaijan, admiring with their range and local varieties. Surprisingly delicious cherries and apricot and honey-flavored peaches, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, pears, plums precede the season of watermelons, melons, figs, grapes, best varieties 


Calm, sunny days, warm sea and summer-green forests, parks and gardens which begin to change their colors in late October - a real pleasure to spend autumn in Azerbaijan! Staying here will be filled with beautiful experiences without worrying about the weather often interfering the program of staying the tourists in other countries.

Autumn in Azerbaijan - what could be more tempting for fans of generous gifts of nature! In place of the figs, watermelon, walnut, walnuts, quince come persimmons and pomegranates. This is the time of ripen of amazing and taste fruits with red succulent seeds that reach pound weight. It is no coincidence that in October Goychay region of the country holds a bright Holiday of Pomegranate – it is a real festival and fair which attracts many foreign


Every year, more and more foreign tourists visiting Azerbaijan in December endeavor to be in the historic area ​​Sheki where at the end of the year offers a unique equestrian tournaments and competitions. One of the most popular is Chovgan - ancient Azerbaijani game competition of riders. Judging by the interest shown to these tournaments in many regions of the country, we can talk about the revival of the national project of the elite game, royal noble eastern version of polo.
Winter in Azerbaijan is a lovely season of local food lovers and culinary surprises. Precisely in the cold times it is good to eat a hot amber broth - hash (aspic) of beef feet which is preparing for the night on a low flame or hot dushbara (national dumplings) afternoon and evening, rosy meat pie - fijim from sheep pulp, roasted onions, minced garlic, pepper 


The main and the most spectacular event, which is open to all travelers who visited Azerbaijan in spring, is Novruz holiday - the symbol of the coming spring. Every year on March 21 all Azerbaijanis meet this ancient national holiday by preparing to it for four weeks. A number of holiday traditions and rituals of Novruz holiday surprise and delight foreigners during the whole March. Many people specifically travel to regions, for example,  Yukhari Salahli village where they become the witnesses of classic ritual, just like old times. During the celebration of Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan people visit each other, exchange gifts and many sweets that are prepared in every family.

On the eve of Novruz holiday the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev annually congratulates the Azerbaijani people, and with the members of his

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