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Weekend in Azerbaijan 3 nights 4 days

Day 1
Arrival in Baku from ….. at 00:00 and transfer from the airport to 3-4* hotel (30 km).
Accommodation at the hotel.
Free time.
Supper in the restaurant with medieval national coloring - «CARAVANSARAY» tasting different meat dishes of Azerbaijani national cuisine (a glass of Azeri wine or a bottle of beer per each one) and an artistic program (ORIENTAL dance, a show with knives )
Tea ceremony after supper (a jam made of various seasonal fruits).
Return to the hotel.

Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel.
A combined auto-pedestrian, observation-informative 3-hour excursion around the central part of the city. You will pass through the main streets and squares of a modern city, get acquainted with sculptural-monumental and architectural-historical monuments of Baku (House of Parliament, Funicular, Centre of Mugham, Seaside Boulevard, Philharmonic, buildings of "Modern" architectural style, Crystal Hall and other objects), admire a panorama of the city from an observation area of an Upland Park, after what you will make an excursion walk around the medieval historical part of the city "Ichari Shakhar"/Fortress Old city: - Fortress walls and main city gates of medieval Baku; - Ancient Tower Temple "Giz Galasi"/Maiden Tower/Tower-Maiden – a symbol of Baku; - Medieval caravanserais "Multani", "Bukhari", "2-storeyed"; - A complex of Shirvanshakhs' Palace (Divankhana – a stone Glyptic, inscriptions on stones); - Ancient mosques, handicraftsmen workshops and stores, souvenir and antique shops, ancient narrow streets and inns, the unique architecture of medieval city, fountain square.
A combined auto-pedestrian excursion (3-3,5 hours) to the natural and historical-arts museum reserve called "Gobustan" (75 km. to the south-west of Baku centre)!
An extensive travel information with the observation of excursion objects:
- Old Oil fields and a memorial Mosque in "Bibi-Kheybat" tract, panorama of floating sea oil platforms, panorama of deep-water stationary sea oil platforms and a modern oil Terminal close to Sangachal settlement and others; Information about mud volcanism in Baku suburbs;
Acquaintance with a display of mud volcanism. A small active "Dashgil" mud volcano with an active mud volcanism (oil and mud "salzas", hills and "griffins") in the southern part of the reserve;
Exotic rocks, endemic vegetation and rock paintings in the region of Kichikdash mountain massif in the southern part of the reserve;
Rock carvings of Neolithic age, Latin inscription (I c.) on rocks and a small museum close to Boyukdash mountain massif in the central part of the reserve, pastures and pictograms;
Information about fine art generation in primitive human communities;
Return to the city:
Walk around the Seaside Boulevard;
Sea voyage on board the city cutter along Baku Bay (about 1 hour);
Supper in «LIDO» restaurant with regional Azeri cuisine, tasting Azeri wines and fruit vodkas made of dogwood, mulberry, apricot, peach and apples 55c – 65c, including wine-vodka production of «Tovuz-Baltiya» enterprise, pomegranate, quince wines and vodkas, and also with an artistic program / live music;
Tea ceremony after supper (a jam made of various seasonal fruit);
Return to the hotel. Those who wish may enrich their impressions during a walk around the central part of the city or in an igniting atmosphere of Baku night clubs, restaurants and beer pubs.

Day 3
Breakfast in the hotel;
Excursion (3,5 – 4 hours) around the Absheron peninsula and to the historical-ethnographic "Gala" reserve (Baku suburbs in a radius of 60 km.):
A place of an outlet of fuel gases on a mountain "Yanardag/Flaming Mountain";
Fire worshipers temple of "Sikhs" and "Shivaits" – "Ateshgakh", a place of Zoroastrian sanctuary in Surakhani settlement;
Historical-Ethnographic "Gala" Reserve outdoors in the suburbs of the same named settlement in the north-eastern part of the Absheron peninsula;
Return to the city;
Shopping tour to the Eastern Bazaar and to different shops, including those selling wine-vodka production of «Тovuz-Baltiya» enterprise (pomegranate, quince wines and vodkas, etc.), eastern Azeri sweets;
Supper in «FAYTON» restaurant with Azeri national cuisine (live music);
Seasonal fruit and tea ceremony after supper (a jam made of different seasonal fruit);
Return to the hotel.

Day 4
Breakfast in the hotel. Free time;
Transfer to the airport at 00:00. Arrival to the airport at 00:00. Departure at 00:00.

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