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Distance with Baku

330 km


9,3 thsd person

How to get to

Auto transportation: buses Baku – Gandja – Naftalan

Naftalan city is located at the distance of 330 km to the west of Baku and in 50 km from Gandja. It is a well known spa resort and the center of medical tourism of Azerbaijan which has unique natural factors that by their medical properties are never met elsewhere in the world!

The main treasure of the resort is a naphthalan oilfield. Naphthalan oil is a viscous liquid of black-brown and brown color with specific odor. Uniqueness and high efficiency of naphthalan are confirmed by numerous scientific studies and by more than 100 years of experience in the treatment of a number of diseases.

As a resort Naftalan is known since 1926, when there appeared specialized recreational and health places around the field. Patients from all over the Soviet Union came here.
Today Naftalan is a modern center of leisure and health, organically combining the natural factors, achievements of resort medicine, European comfort, Azerbaijani hospitality and affordable prices on tours.

As a part of a large state program of Naftalan's recovery there were four sanatoriums of European standards built there and three more are in the process of construction. Among the known objects are: medical-prophylactic center Chinar Hotel & Spa, health center "Naftalan", sanatorium "Gashalty" and others.

By the way, there is the only in the world "Museum of crutches" in Naftalan. Here you can see hundreds of crutches of various designs and sizes. They are left here and signed by those who on arrival at the resort could not walk without crutches.

In Naftalan sanatoriums offer not only treatment but also relaxation in favorable environment. Modern resorts and hotels in Azerbaijan are equipped in accordance with the latest trends of the industry of hospitality and have not only comfortable rooms but cozy restaurants and bars with a wide selection of food and drinks, indoor pools, bath complexes, spa centers and centers of leisure activities and entertainment.

It should be noted that the nature of this region is very rich and this area is characterized by the beauty of its landscapes. Staying in Naftalan you can easily visit the scenic areas of surrounding towns and villages. For example you can pay a visit to the ancient city Gandja (50 minutes by bus) which is visited by the most curious tourists.

Thus they come to Naftalan not only for good health but for bright impressions and good mood for years!

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