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Distance from Baku

230 km


205,8 thsd person

How to get to

Auto transportation: buses Baku – Masalli – 7 hours, Sumgayit – Masalli,
Gandja – Masalli, Mingachevir –   Masalli, Shirvan – Masalli, Lankaran – Masalli
By train: Baku – Astara – 6,5 hours

Masalli region is located along the main transport artery of the region – the road from the capital to the south, to Iran. Climate here is subtropical. One of the boundaries of this area is the Caspian coast,  another one – Talish mountains. Running through the territory of this region rivers Vilyash, Tatyan, Alvadi-chay, Matara and others fall into Caspian sea.
Masalli undoubtedly has one of the best tourist potentials despite the fact that the city is situated away from the main roads. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Picturesque Talish mountains never cease to amaze travelers with its unique grandeur and freshness. There is a small picturesque lake in the outskirts of the city which is a favorite holiday destination both  for visitors and local residents.
Masalli is particularly promising for the development of the health tourism. The region is rich in mineral springs – both thermal and cold, some of them are with a high content of sulfur and other elements. A few kilometers from Masalli near the Arkivan village is a thermal mineral spring "Istisu" (hot water). In summer this area becomes a place of pilgrimage for many tourists and people who suffer from rheumatism and other ailments from all over the country and from abroad.

This rich in plants region preserved in forestry Gariblar and Yenikend such fine woods as beech, hornbeam, ironwood, alder and oak.

Tourists will be interested to see the exhibition of the History Museum and products of traditional crafts: this is "hasir" – woven mats in the village of Musakyudja, headscarves in the village of Tyurkoba, a variety of pottery in the Erkivan village, in mountain villages – carpets, jorabs, gloves, in villages Gyariblyar, Kolatan, Sigdash – wooden products decorated with national ornaments.

Over the past years several modern hotels and recreation centers were built in Masalli along with the existing guest houses. For example, it's the recreation center "Dashtvend" with the hotel and cottages located near the Arkivan village and equipped in accordance with European standards. You can accommodate at the hotels and recreation areas Vilesh, Damir Agach, "Rasim", in the sanatorium "Turan" and others.
Many recreation centers organize tourist excursions, horseback riding, a picnic in the woods.

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