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Day 1
Arrival in Baku (second part of the day or evening);
Transfer from the airport to the hotel (25-30 km.);
Accommodation at the hotel - 3* and Dinner.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant;
The combined sightseeing-informative excursion around the central part of the city. You will pass along the main streets and squares of the modern city, get acquainted with the sculptural -monumental and architectural-historical memorials of Baku (The House of Government, the Funicular, the Centre of Mugam, the Seaside Boulevard, the Philharmonic, the buildings of the architectural «Modern» style, the Mosques, the Christian Temples and other objects), enjoy the city panorama from the observation area of the Upland park, after what you will make a pedestrian excursion walk around the medieval historical part of «Ichari Shakhar» city/the Fortress Old city:
- Fortress walls and main city gates of the medieval Baku;
- An ancient Tower Temple «Giz Galasi»/Maiden Tower/Tower-Maiden – a symbol of Baku city;
- Medieval caravanserais "Multani" , "Bakhari" , «2 storied»;
- The Shirvanshakhs palace complex (Divankhana – stone Gliptics, inscriptions on stones);
- The Mausoleum of a famous scientist sheikh Seyid-Yakhya Bakuvi, a palatial mosque, a burial vault and an ancient bathhouse;
- Ancient mosques, workshops and handicraftsmen stores, souvenir and antique shops, old narrow streets and victualling-houses, the unique architecture of a medieval city;
- A daytime lunch - «The colour of Baku cuisine» - in «OLD CITY» or «DALIDA» restaurants (with a glass of Azeri table wine either a bottle of beer for each one);
The continuation of excursion program in Baku city outskirts around the Absheron peninsula;
- A place of outlet of natural fuel gases on «Yanardag – Burning Mountain»;
- A medieval tower-shaped temple-castle of "The Sacred Fire" in Ramana settlement;
- The fire worshippers' «Sikhs» and «Shivaists» temple «Аteshgakh», a place of Zoroastrian sanctuary;
- A pagan sanctuary-burial on a rock - «Usta-Shagird / Master-Pupil;
- The Historical-Ethnographic Nature reserve outdoors in Gala settlement;
Return to the city and supper at one of the restaurants with a medieval national colour - «CARAVANSARAY» sampling various meet dishes of the Azerbaijan national cuisine (with a glass of Azeri table wine either a bottle of beer for each one) and also an artistic program (ORIENTAL dance, national dances-shows with knives).

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant;
Transfer (about 150 km.) following a route: Baku – Shamakhi - Akhsu pass - Ganja (during the travel visits to the excursion objects:
- "Diri Baba" mausoleum in Maraza settlement;
- "Juma" cathedral mosque and complex of mausoleums «Yeddi Gumbaz» in Shamakhi city;
Arrival in the region of Akhsu pass and Lunch at one of the roadside restaurants with dishes of the national cuisine, including "Saj ichi" dish and others.;
Transfer according to the route: Akhsu pass- Akhsu- Ganja (about 210 km.);
Arrival in Ganja-the second large city of the republic and accommodation at «My Way» - 3* hotel;
Lunch at the ethnographic "Ganja-Eylanja" restaurant sampling dishes of Azeri national cuisine (5 kinds of shish kebeb, dolma and etc.) and wine-vodka production of Ganja wine factory.

Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant in Azerbaijan national style, including sampling the traditional morning south-Caucasian main course "Khash";
0,5 day excursion program in Ganja city (Old medieval gates, a mausoleum of a famous medieval poet-philosopher Nizami Ganjavi, a memorial-cultural complex «Imam-zade», the cathedral mosque of «Shakh Abbas», an old bath «Chokak khamam», a mausoleum of the last Ganja ruler «Javad khan», an orthodox Russian temple of «Alexander Nevski», an ancient Christian Albanian church (chamber music hall), a former Lutheran temple-church (a city Puppet theatre) and other historical-architectural monuments);
Transfer to Goygol city (a former Khanlar city and a former German "Helenendorf" colony – a place of compact German colonists settlement / about 15 km.);
Lunch at the ethnographic "Helenendorf" restaurant sampling dishes of the regional national cuisine and wine-vodka production of the local wine factory, including table wines, vermouth and home-produced champagne, and also «Sini Khangal» dish;
Transfer (about 170 km.) following a route: Goy-gol – Mingachevir – Shaki;
Arrival at the ancient Azery Sheki city and accommodation at «Sheki Saray» - 4* hotel;
Supper at one of the local ethnographic restaurants («Sheki Safari», «Makan» or «Yukhari Karavansaray») with national colouring and sampling dishes of the regional cuisine (Sheki plovu, Sheki khalvasi and etc.).

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant;
Excursion around Sheki city visiting ancient residential settlements, fortresses, mosques and observing the Sheki khans palace, a round Albanian Christian temple (a museum of regional folk applied enterprise) and workshops of the local handicraftsmen, moreover visit to the local eastern bazar;
Visiting and viewing an ancient Albanian Christian temple "Mother of Eastern Churches" in Kish settlement and tea ceremony "At Ilgama khanum's";
Lunch at one of Sheki city restaurants with local regional cuisine dishes (Piti, Parcha-Bozbash, Chigirtma and etc.); Transfer (about 70 km.) following a route: Sheki – Gakh;
Arrival in a small Gakh city and accommodation at a mountainous touristic complex «Uludag» - 3*;
Supper at the tour complex restaurant with the local cuisine dishes («Surkhullu», «Girsi», «Gakhach») and a regional wine-vodka production (dry white and red wines, grape vodka "Jija", and also mulberry and cornelian vodkas).

Day 6
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant in traditional mountainous national style;
Excursion to Ilisu settlement (an ancient cathedral mosque, remains of Russian defensive fortress of the Caucasian war period, "Smug gala" observation tower) or a tramp walk along the mountain path to "Ram-Ram/ Stratify" waterfall (45-60 minutes in one end/ about 2 km.);
An auto-excursion in Gakh region (ruins of the early-medieval temple in Kum settlement, the functional mosque and Georgian orthodox church in Gakh city, and also panorama of the Big Caucasus mountains and restored Albanian Christian temple in the region of Embarchay settlement);
Lunch at one of Gakh city restaurants including dishes of Azeri national cuisine;
Transfer according to the route: Gakh - Gabala – Ismayilli – Muganli pass – Baku (385 km.);
An auto quiz, a discussion, impressions about the program will take place en route;
Supper at one of the local restaurants on the way;
Arrival in Baku (at night time), accommodation at one of the central hotels - 3*.

Day 7
After breakfast a combined auto-pedestrian excursion (4-5 hours) to a natural and historical-artistic «Gobustan» museum-reserve (75 km. to the south-west of the center of Baku);
A comprehensive travel information with observation of the excursion objects:
- Old Oil fields and a memorial mosque in «Bibi Kheybat» hole, panorama of floating marine oil platforms, panorama of the deep-water stationary marine oil foundations plant and a modern oil Terminal close to Sangachal settlement and etc;
Information about a display of mud volcanism in Baku suburbs;
Acquaintance with mud volcanism activity. A small active "Dashgil" mud volcano with a display of active mud-volcanic activity ( oil and mud "salzas", knolls and "griffins") in the southern part of the reserve;
Exotic rocks, endemic vegetation and rock carvings in the region of Kichikdash mountain mass in the southern part the reserve;
Rock painting of late Stone Age period, a Latin inscription ( I c.) on rocks and a small museum close to Boyukdash mountain mass in the central part of the reserve, carvings and pictograms;
Information about visual arts origin in primitive human communities;
Dinner with fish dishes at the coastal "KHAZRI" or «DARYA» restaurant on the way back to the city;
Return to Baku. Free time (either Shopping at the Eastern Bazaar and at various shops, including those selling fish production, black caviar, eastern and Azeri sweet and a local wine-vodka production);
Supper at one of the city restaurants with an artistic show-program (with a glass of Azeri table wine either a bottle of beer for each one).

Day 8
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant;
Transfer to an airport;
Departure from Baku (according to the acquired air tickets).

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