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Day 1
Arrival in Baku from ……………….;
Transfer from an airport to the hotel (30 km.);
Accommodation at one of the hotels - 3* in the downtown (the accommodation at one of hotels close to the Caspian Sea shore is possible); A combined sightseeing-informative excursion (4 hours) around the central part of the city. You will pass along the main streets and squares of the modern city, get acquainted with the sculptural-monumental and architectural-historical memorials of Baku (The House of Government, the Funicular, the Centre of Mugam, Seaside Boulevard, the Philharmonic, buildings of the architectural "Modern" style, Mosques, Christian Temples and other objects ), admire a panorama of the city from the observation area of an Upland Park, after what you will make tramp excursion walk around the medieval historical part of the city «Ichari Shakhar» - a Fortress/an Old city:
- Fortress walls and main city gates of the medieval Baku;
- An ancient Tower Temple «Giz Galasi» - Maiden Tower/ Tower-Maiden – a symbol of Baku;
- Medieval caravanserais "Multani", "Bukhari", «the 2-storeyed»;
- A complex of Shirvanshakhs' palace (Divankhana - the stone Glyptic, inscriptions on stones);
- Mausoleum of a scientist Seyid-Yakhya Bakuvi, the palatial mosque, burial vault and an ancient bathhouse;
- Ancient mosque, workshops and stores of handicraftsmen, souvenir and antique shops, old narrow streets and victualling-houses, a unique architecture of the medieval city;
A Fountain square…… Free time;
A supper in the restaurant with the medieval national colour - «CARAVANSARAY» sampling various meat dishes of Azerbaijani national cuisine (a glass of Azerbaijani table wine or a bottle of beer per each one) and the artistic program (ORIENTAL dance, national dances-shows with knives);
Return to the hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast A combined auto-tramp excursion (4-5 hours) to a natural and historical-art museum-reserve «Gobustan» (75 km. to the south-west of Baku centre)!
The extensive travel information sightseeing the excursion objects:
- Old Oil fields and a memorial Mosque in the hole of "Bibi-Kheybat", a panorama of floating marine oil platforms , a panorama of the deep- water stationary marine oil platforms plant and a modern oil Terminal near Sangachal settlement and others;
Information about mud volcanism activity in Baku suburbs;
Acquaintance with mud volcanism activity. A small active «Dashgil» mud volcano with a display of active mud-volcanism (oil and mud «salzas», knolls and «griffins») in the southern part of the reserve;
Exotic rocks, precinctive vegetation and inscriptions on rocks in the region of Kichikdash mountain massif in the southern part of the reserve; Petroglyphs of the late Stone Age period, a Latin inscription (I c.) on the rocks and a small museum near Boyukdash mountain massif in the central part of the reserve, drawings and pictograms;
Information about the origin of visual arts in primitive human communities;
Return to the city. A thematic excursion "Azerbaijan carpets" (1 hour). A review of a rich exposition of 13 halls of the State Azerbaijan Carpet and Folk-applied Art Museum;
A sea voyage on board of the city cutter along the Baku bay (about 1 hour); Supper at the hotel;
A Free time. All who wish may enrich their impressions during a pedestrian walk around the central part of the city either in a stirring atmosphere of Baku night clubs, restaurants and pubs.

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel;
4-day excursion-informative journey (with active means of conveyance) in the North-Western region of the republic, in Girdimanchay mountain river canyon – a high-altitude Lagich settlement-reserve – Vandam settlement (Gabala city) / about 225 km. to the West from Baku /;
A comprehensive travel excursion information during a passage along the foothills of the south-western slopes of the Caucasus mountains:
- the 2-storeyed mausoleum «Diri Baba» / 1402 / near Maraza settlement (Shamakhi city);
- a Cathedral mosque «Juma» / XI – beginning of XX centuries / and a complex of «dome» mausoleums «Yeddi Gumbaz» / XVIII – XIX centuries / in Shamakhi city and it's suburbs;
Panorama of the Caucasus mountains from Muganli pass;
Review of steep rocky slopes of Girdimanchay river canyon;
At midday time – Lunch at «Sharadil» tour complex restaurant;
Arrival in mountain settlement Lagich and accommodation in a local hotel «Evim hotel» - 3*;
Acquaintance with an architecture of the mountain ethnographic Lagich settlement-reserve, visit to a local history museum, review of handicraft workshops and stores of skilled craftsmen (a manufacture of various copper tableware, coinage and metal engraving, blacksmithing, carpet manufacture production);
Supper at the hotel with regional cuisine dishes (a glass of Azerbaijani table wine or a bottle of beer per each one).

Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel;
Transfer following a route: Lagich – Ismayilli – Gabala – Nij – Oguz – Bash Kungut (about 180 km). An extensive excursion information and radial departures en route:
- A small cascade «Yeddi Gozal» waterfall (3 cascades 5-10 m. high) close to Ruskan settlement;
- Nour Lake in a beautiful mountain kettle «Goyburundag» close to Nourgishlag settlement;
- A restored Albanian Christian and Monophysitic temple «Chotari Kilsasi / Jotaari Church» and information about an ancient Albanian-Caucasus «UDIN» nationality – one of the aboriginal tribes of the Eastern Caucasus – descendants of the ancient Caucasus Albanians or a visit to the historical-local history museum with a gorgeous collection of exhibits;
- A place of archaeological excavations on "Kabalaka" ancient settlement (an antique capital of a local ancient Caucasus Albania state) close to Chukhur-Gabala and Mirzabayli settlements;
- Information about a famous Gabala radio locating station «Daryal»;
- A Christian chapel near Oguz city or пa tea party outdoors in gorge of Eyrichay River–Crooked River (for additional price);
At midday time – Lunch in a fish cafe (a fresh river trout is served) close to a place of the archaeological excavations in the suburbs of Chukhur-Gabala settlement;
Arrival to the mountain settlement Bash Kungut and accommodation in a small touristic complex «Kungut Resort»-3 (those who wish may come down the river and spring)*;
Supper at the hotel.

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel;
Transfer following a route: Bash Kungut – Sheki (about 20 km.). The excursion program in Shaki city and its suburbs:
- Panorama of an old medieval part of the city from the Upland Park;
- Fortress walls and towers of an ancient city fortress;
- Visiting and reviewing old «caravanserais» - «Ashagi Caravansaray» / XVIII c. / and a hotel «Yukhari Caravansaray» / XIX c. /;
- Visiting and reviewing a Palace of Sheki khans (a residence of the local medieval rulers) with unique wall-mounted frescoes and stained-glass windows «shebaka»;
- Visiting handicraftsmen workshops and stores;
- Visiting the local Eastern bazaar;
At midday time – Lunch at one of the restaurants with regional cuisine dishes;
Continuation of the excursion program:
- Acquaintance with an exposition of the local historical-local history museum (former residence of a local governor of the Tsarist Russia period) and a museum of the folk-applied arts and manufacture production, located in a medieval round Albanian Christian temple;
- Acquaintance with a restored early-medieval Christian Albanian temple/ I – IV centuries /- «Mother of Eastern Churches» in Kish settlement;
Tea ceremony «At Ilkhama Khanum's house» in Kish settlement;
Transfer following a route: Sheki – Gakh – the mountain Ilisu settlement (about 80 km.);
Arrival in Ilisu settlement in Gakh region and accommodation at a tour complex «Uludag» - 3*;
Supper at the tour complex restaurant with local cuisine dishes («Surkhullu», «Girsi», «Gakhach») and a regional wine-vodka production (dry white and blush wines and grape vodka «Jija», and also mulberry and cornaceous vodkas).

Day 6
Breakfast in the local traditional mountain style in the tour complex restaurant;
The excursion program at the option in Gakh city and its suburbs. Visiting and reviewing architectural-historical monuments of the city:
- An ancient cathedral mosque, ruins of Russian defensive fortress of the Caucasian war period, an observation tower «Sumug gala», a local regional studies museum with a gorgeous exposition, Georgian Orthodox Church of «Saint George» /XIX – XX centuries/ either a tramp walk along the mountain path to «Ram-Rama/Foliated» waterfall (about 2 km. one way, 45-60 min. to one direction);
A radial journey (about 8 km. from Gakh city) to the ruins of a big Christian Albanian temple of «Basilic Patric Yelisey» VI century;
Lunch at one of the restaurants of Gakh city with regional cuisine dishes;
Transfer following a route: Gakh – Khaldan – Mingachevir / about 120 km. /;
Arrival in Mingachevir city and accommodation at the Olympic Complex «Kur» - 4*;
Supper at the hotel.

Day 7
Breakfast at the hotel;
• Morning river voyage (30 min) on board the cutter down the Kur river;
• A long transfer following a route: Mingachevir – Kurdamir – Ajigabul – Alat –Baku (305 km.);
• Lunch at one of the roadside restaurants en route with national cuisine dishes;
• A short rest in Baku;
• Transfer to the Northern region of the republic following a route: Baku – Shabran – Guba - Nugadi (about 180 km.);
• Arrival in Nugadi settlement (Guba city) and accommodation at the tour complex «Jannat Bagi» -3*;
• Supper at the hotel (a glass of Azerbaijani table wine or a bottle of beer per each one).

Day 8
Breakfast at the hotel;
Auto-excursion radial journey (about 70 km. to the West of Guba city, along the difficult mountain road in the direction of the Main Caucasus Ridge) to the high-altitude Khinalig settlement (in the vernacular «Ketsh», 2200 – 2300 m. above the sea level) – the historical-ethnographic reserve – a place of compact residence of the most ancient Caucasian nationality «ketid», speaking the most ancient and great language in the world (according to letters-isogloss 77, 59 of which are consonants and 18 are vowels, and a number of case declensions is 19) and the mountain Jeck settlement;
Acquaintance with a unique local architecture of the
mentioned upland settlements, and also the ethnographic mode and lifestyle of the Caucasian mountain dwellers-with the ethnographic groups of Azerbaijan nation - «Khizi-Jeck» and «Khinalig» people, including the local folk trade «Khalchachilig/ Carpet weaving»;
On the way – review and panorama of the exotic «Gudialchay» river Canyon and the mountain «Gamba» kettle, and also mountains of the eastern part of the Caucasus;
At midday time – Lunch in a family of local citizens in Khinalig settlement;
Reverse journey to Guba city (a small sightseeing excursion with a review of medieval mosques «Juma» and «Sakina khanum» by option);
Arrival in Gabu city and accommodation at «Terrace» - 3* hotel;
Supper at the hotel.

DAy 9
Breakfast at the hotel;
Reverse journey to Baku city following a route: Guba – Shabran – Galaalti – remains of the medieval «Charakh gala» fortress (about 70 km.);
Continuation of journey following a route: Galaalti – Siyazan – suburbs of the bedrock mountain Beshbarmag massif – Khirdalan – Baku (about 130 km.);
Lunch at one of the roadside cafes en route;
Arrival in Baku and accommodation at one of the hotels - 3* in the centre;
Supper at «LIDO» restaurant with Azerbaijani national cuisine, sampling Azeri wines and fruit vodkas made of cornel, mulberry, including wine-vodka production of «Tovuz-Baltiya» enterprise, pomegranate, quince wines or vodkas, and also an artistic show-program;
Return to the hotel.

Day 10
Breakfast at the hotel;
An informative auto-excursion «Mystery of the ancient fires of Absheron» (3,5-4 hours, Baku suburbs within a radius of 60 km.) around the Absheron peninsula and to the historical-ethnographic «Gala» reserve:
- A place of an outlet of natural fuel gases on «Yanardag/Burning Fire» mountain;
- «Ateshgakh» fire worshipers' temple of «Sikhs» and «Shivaists» - a place of Zoroastrian sanctuary in Surakhani settlement;
- Pagan sanctuary-burial place on a rock - «Usta-Shagird / Master- Pupil;
- The historical-ethnographic «Gala» Reserve outdoors in the suburbs of the same-named settlement - in the North-Eastern part of the Absheron peninsula (photographing tourists in national Azerbaijani clothes is possible);
Return to the city. Free time-Shopping;
Supper in «DALIDA» or «DAFNE» restaurants with Azeri national cuisine (a glass of Azerbaijani table wine or a bottle of beer per each one);
Return to the hotel. All who wish may enrich their impressions during a pedestrian walk around the central part of the city either in a stirring
atmosphere of Baku night clubs, restaurants and pubs.

Day 11
Breakfast at the hotel;
• Transfer to the airport;
• Departure from Baku at ……………...

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