Northern Albania

Franc Josef Island
The small island of Franc Joseph, which changes to peninsula, depending what river can bring with it. This is a natural object of a great importance for the vegetation and sea birds that are found in this area.

Gashi River Valley
This area is located in the district of Tropoja and includes the area on the northeastern edge of Albania, the highest point of the border between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Gjocaj Grit National Park
Gjocaj Grit National Park is another wonderful park 40 km northeast of Burreli. Featuring a variety of springs and ravines, it is resplendent in natural beauty

National Park of Lura
National Park of Lura. This park is situated on the eastern slope of the majestic Kunora e Lurës (Crown of Lura).

National Park of Thethi
National Park of Thethi is situated in the Albanian Alps near Bjeshkët e Namuna (the Cursed Mountains). It is 3,300 ha large and through it flows the beautiful Thethi River.

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