National Parks

Biza mountain, is located in the district of Tirana, in the municipality of Sh├źn Gjergj. The distance from the capital is 85 kilometers. The field of Biza is located 1200 meters above the sea level.

Butrint National Park
This park is located about 25 kilometers south of the city of Saranda. It has high scientific, tourist, archaeological, social and recreational values, also combined with a significant biodiversity.

Dajti National Park
Dajti National Park is situated in the east of the capital and has a surface of 3,300 hectares. It is located in the eastern part of the scope of Tirana, 26 km east of the capital and 50 km from "Mother Teresa" airport.

Divjaka Pine National Park
Divjaka Pine National Park. This park is located in Karavasta lagoon and has been protected since 1994 by the Ramsar International Convention.

Gashi River Valley
This area is located in the district of Tropoja and includes the area on the northeastern edge of Albania, the highest point of the border between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Gjocaj Grit National Park
Gjocaj Grit National Park is another wonderful park 40 km northeast of Burreli. Featuring a variety of springs and ravines, it is resplendent in natural beauty

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