Approximately two-thirds of Albania's geography is either hilly or mountainous.These elevations offer myriad outdoor recreation possibilities, including everything from paddling sports to paragliding. These areas also host a variety of tourism ventures, including eco and agritourism. There is a renewed interest in alpine climbing and exploration as well, with the 2,018 m Çika Ridge being a highly desirable climb. Various destinations in the Northern Alps, with elevations as high as 2,700 m, beckon to the climber as well. Specifically,the towns of Vermosh, Thethi, Razëm, Bogë, and Valbona can all serve as starting points for an expedition.

Cultural experiences also abound in the mountains. Tomorri Mountain hosts the Baba Tomorri, Abaz Aliu celebration, a festival featuring aspects of Albanian and Bektashi cultural traditions.The catholic Saint Ndou gathering in the Laçi highlands represents a pilgrimage destination for many of Albania's faithfuls. The highland areas near the Drenova, Dardha, and Voskopoja regions in Korça offer rich cultural experiences as well. Among other landmarks in Albania are Enrichment Rock, an outcropping southwest of Pogradeci, and Korabi Mountain in Dibra, Albania's highest peak is 2,750 m. Moving south, travelers will encounter the historic Kruja. Perched among mountainous peaks, this is the location where Skanderbeg united warring tribes and defended Albanian lands from Ottoman attacks.

Throughout Albania, intrepid explorers will also find many vast caves just waiting to be discovered. Professional and amateur spelunkers alike will find no shortage of underground chambers to conquer.

Near Shkodra there are at least 35 significant caves. Pirogoshi, the largest cave in Albania, is 1,500 m long and is located in Skrapar. Other notable caves are Good Cave and Pëllumbas Cave, located near Tirana. Nestled in the beautiful Skorana Canyon on the Erzeni River, Pëllumbas is ripe for exploration and is Albania's second-largest cave. No fewer than 68 of Albania's caves are designated as natural national monuments.

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