Archelogical Sites

Apollonia: Cicero, the famed Roman orator, was captivated by the beauty of Apollonia, and in his "Philippics", referred to it as "magna urbs et gravis," or "the great and important city." The ancient city, founded

Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums
Normans attacked the city in 1071 CE, and then in 1081 CE subsequent attacks by the Venetians, and later the Ottomans, threatened the city's very existence.

Bukuroshja e Durrësit
Most of the excavations began in the 1960's, and most of them are ongoing, allowing observers a rare opportunity to view an archaeological excavation in progress.

Byllis, established in the 3rd century BCE, once flourished as a political, economic and cultural center in the region.

Castle of Borshi
The castle of Borshi is located at a top of a hill and is highly damaged.

Castle of Kruja
This castle is the most important tourist object of Kruja city. The castle was built during the V - VI centuries. It has an elliptic form with a perimeter of 804 meters. The surrounding walls are fortified with 9 towers.

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